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Sheldon Resnick, Owner of Sheldon Resnick Associates, Inc.

Sheldon Resnick Toronto's Bio:

Sheldon Resnick is an executive recruiter working in Toronto, Canada and the founder and president of Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc. Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc. is committed to matching outstanding candidates with leading career opportunities. As president of Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc., Resnick has been able to grow the agency and even expand it into the United States.   After studying Marketing Business Administration and Marketing at Toronto’s Humber College, Sheldon Resnick earned his diploma, graduating from the college in the mid-1970s. While at Humber, Resnick developed and honed his networking, problem solving and troubleshooting skills. He was also active on the school’s tennis team and helped the school win a Men’s Singles title.   After graduating, Resnick first sold photocopiers door-to-door. It was while working as a door-to-door salesman that Resnick discovered his passion for helping others and his ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.   At his friends’ urging and with a natural interest in the field, in 1983 Sheldon Resnick founded Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc., an executive recruitment services firm which he still runs to this day. In the 35 years since its founding, Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc. has established itself as a distinguished and discreet recruitment service specializing in a variety of sectors including: investment banking, capital markets, banking and the wealth management sector. Resnick also serves the following professional areas: real estate, mining, and manufacturing.   As a boutique-style corporate recruiting firm, Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc. is able to provide clients with unique and complete recruitment opportunities. Part of the inclusive services offered at the firm includes an in-depth meeting with the hiring department to establish a good understanding of the company’s objectives, its strategy and corporate culture, and the position and requirements of the job they are looking to recruit for.   From there, Sheldon Resnick communicates frequently with the Hiring Manager throughout the candidate vetting process. After a list of potential candidates is generated, Sheldon Resnick works diligently on refining the list until the ideal candidate is selected. When the perfect candidate is chosen, Resnick connects them with the Hiring Manager so a formal invitation of employment can be sent out.   As part of the complete service offered by Sheldon Resnick Associates Inc., follow-ups are made with both the employer and employee to ensure that all expectations were met and that the transition process is running smoothly.   Outside of executive recruiting, Sheldon Resnick enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. He is also a devoted fan of all Toronto professional sports teams. 

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recruiting, sports, traveling

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